Sexual assault on public transport

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There are more people reporting accounts of sexual assault or harassment on trains than ever, meaning victims are now more confident speaking out. But what counts as sexual assault on public transport, and what can you do if you’re in that situation? Taken from

Unwind your mind

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This guide, created by the NHS, is one of a series about good ways to deal with mental health problems. Such problems are very common and the things you can do to help with them have been shown to work. Extra Resources NHS Guide to Managing Anxiety and Worry

Side by side

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4 online modules that are new to learn, designed for learners in FE, with authorised CPD and certificates on completion.   Extra Resources Site/ Resource URL Education Training Foundation Prevent Learner Course

A guide to CAMHS

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It’s reassuring to know there is somewhere safe to go to for support with your mental health. But what is CAMHS and what happens when you go there? If you’re struggling with your mental health CAMHS can help.

Disrespect Nobody

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DISRESPECT NOBODY There’s a person attached to every body, respect both. Healthy relationships are all about respecting each other. You should feel loved, safe and free to be yourself. Relationships can be confusing and it can be difficult to understand what is and isn’t normal behaviour. But disrespectful and unacceptable behaviour can come in many forms. It isn’t limited to …

Sexting ! How should I deal with it?

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Sexting! How prevalent is it? How should I deal with an incident? Here is the latest guidance – if your concerned about learners under 18 sharing indecent images of themselves, find out what you should do. Extra Resources Site/ Resource URL Sexting in Schools

Safer Internet Day 7th February 2017.

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A great opportunity to join with the rest of the nation and take a look at our digital footprint! The resources are aimed at 14 – 18, include a video, PowerPoint presentation and great discussion generators. You can choose from 30 minute inputs, to whole day sessions.   Extra Resources Site/ Resource URL SID2017 Education Pack for 14-18 year olds …