December Newsletter

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Welcome to the December Newsletter.

Winter can be a wonderful time of the year. Festive fun and unwrapping gifts are all exciting, whatever age you are. However, at the same time, some people find the whole experience very stressful. Managing your budget,making sure you are not in debt without appearing to be the next scrooge. Being sociable, parties and drinking, all bring that added pressure that not all of us enjoy.

Depression and loneliness are at an all time high and it is one of those times of the year when you reminisce, with many of us having very emotional memories. I’ve included again some top tips for learners which can be a great starting point to discuss safety over the festive period.

How can you keep safe this winter?

Scottish Business Resilience Centre has produced a whole range of advice to be safe this winter; at home, at work, or just for yourself/ learner.

Be Safe This Winter

I’m sure we could all take something from this advice and for those with learners could be a good message to discuss at Progress Review as it relates to the following areas:

  • Fire
  • Shopping
  • Party
  • Home
  • Road
  • Business
  • Please enjoy the season and keep safe!!

    November Safeguarding Stats

    There were
    Learner Concerns

    Information or low level
    There were
    Unresolved Concern

    Moderate Level
    Were reported to the relevant authorities

    High Level

    If you are unsure how to report a concern click here and Steve will explain the process to you.

    We are currently running with about 40 plus open learner concerns. The oldest concern dates back to July 2017, which is still ongoing. Most concerns have a lifespan of 28 days, when you will be asked for an update. Please update the Safeguarding Team so they can accurately update and assess those concerns that need to be extended after 28 days.

    Our levels of concern;

    Information –Information only. At present staff member is monitoring the situation
    Low Level – Staff member presenting doesn’t require involvement from the Designated Person
    Moderate Level – The concern may require input from the Designated Person
    High Level – Staff member requires immediate action from the Designated Person

    Current Total People Safeguarding Trends – November

    How do you deal with one of your young learners who tells you they are pregnant?

    We have in excess of 20 young learners who have told their Advisers they are pregnant. While most will take this in their stride and some may not.

    On the face of it Pregnancy is not a safeguarding issue and as with all concerns raised it is down to your judgement if the situation requires a concern to be raised. In addition Pregnancy has now been added to the drop down list of concerns.

    We thought that as an organisation we should be in a position to signpost learners at this crucial time of their lives; Each learner is an individual who might benefit from some expert advice.

    Advice and Guidance
    Tommy’s Website
    Tommy’s is a charity giving expert information and advice for young expectant mothers.

    Three times as many learners this academic year state they are trans gender compared to our previous year.

    If you had a learner that was trans or going through transition. Would you know what to do and how to ensure our practice is inclusive, and do we know the best way to deal with the issues that surround transgender learners?

    Advice and Guidance
    Brighton and Hove have produced a Trans Inclusion Tool Kit which you may find an interesting read for CPD.

    Also, recently we posted an interesting TED talk from Jackson Bird about his experiences. This 6 minute talk is an interesting listen.

    How to talk and listen to transgender people

    Total People Safeguarding Learner survey

    A big thank you for helping us achieve 325 responses in the 3 weeks that it ran. That's over 100 returns a week!

    Staff should be very proud of the fact that most respondents felt safe all of the time (304) – no one said they did not feel safe at all (0) with most of the rest feeling safe most of the time (18).

    Another big thank you for getting the message out!

    Most respondents said they had received information on safeguarding 98% (318), Prevent 91% (297) and British values 92% (300).

    Thank you for placing safeguarding high on your training agenda

    Actions for Improvements
    To ensure this stays high we have upgraded our Safeguarding resource by linking with Education Training Foundation and their new resources.

    Here’s an example this is currently available as a course on your OneFile VLE and also a delivered session is available. Next year we’re aiming to have these video available as short thought provoking video to prompt discussion with learners.

    When asked to rate their own knowledge;

    With regard to safeguarding most thought their knowledge was good 60% (197) some thought advanced (74) with 16% saying basic (54)

    With regard to Prevent – most thought their knowledge was good 51%, with 28% saying they thought they had a basic knowledge.

    With regard to British values most thought they had a good knowledge (56%) while 22% thought their knowledge was basic.

    What have we learned?
    Learners are less confident with Prevent and Fundamental British Values than with Safeguarding. This is in line with Ofsted’s view point and an area that we all need to address. Look in your teams and evaluate where you feel the development are required.

    Do you require more training and support from the Safeguarding Team to improve your confidence in these areas?
    Are there any resources that you may be using or find beneficial?
    Can we start sharing good practice for those that feel they are doing well in this area?

    Autism at Christmas
    Whilst the Christmas period is exciting for many children, for those with ASC, it can lead to anxiety and fear. Changes to routine, surprises and noise can all lead to panic attacks and meltdowns. Here are some resources to support autistic children:

    Do you know the law
    IWF have partnered up with HM Government, the NSPCC and the Marie Collins Foundation to develop a wide-reaching campaign targeted at young men aged 18-24. The campaign aims to clarify the laws around sexual images of under 18s, and encourages young men to report indecent images of children to the IWF. Find out more.