January Newsletter

Stephen Bloor Newsletter

Happy New Year!

What does 2018 hold from a safeguarding point of view?

We have some update training planned for all colleagues on the horizon.You will have an option of how you want to go about updating your safeguarding training. It is good practice for all those who work with young people to regularly update their knowledge. With this in mind we have set our selves the target of updating all colleagues.

Everyone employed by Total People will be able to access a short podcast (5 minutes) which looks at the current trends and responses in a quiz format.
Can you get them all right?

You will then be able to choose between an on line slideshow which you will be able to complete working on your own and in your own time, or to book yourself on to a webinar where you can work and discuss with others when they are run out.

All colleagues will then need to complete the short assessment of knowledge programme.

In addition this monthly newsletter has the monthly figures update, some current news stories relevant to safeguarding, some useful resources and a pointer as to how we will manage new requirements with the implementation of new legislation.

Wishing you all a very safe and successful 2018!

December 2017 Safeguarding Stats

There were
New Learner Concerns

Information or low level
There are
Unresolved Concerns

Moderate Level
Were reported to the relevant authorities

High Level

Are you aware of how to report a concern?
This was covered in your induction but if unsure click here

Unresolved concerns are those that still require monitoring from either Safeguarding or from the reporting person. Information and low level concerns have a lifespan of 28 days when you will be asked for an update as to the current situation. You can continue to monitor or have the report archived for future reference.
Moderate or high level concerns have a shorter period before update (14 and 7 respectively)
Please make sure you update Safeguarding of the outcomes to learner concerns so they can be kept up to date.

Our concern levels are as follows:
Information – At present staff member is monitoring the situation
Low Level – Staff member presenting doesn’t require involvement from the Designated Person
Moderate Level – The concern may require input from the Designated Person
High Level – Staff member requires immediate action from the Designated Person

Current Total People Safeguarding Trends – (December 2017)

Learner lifestyle
Mental well being

Colleagues report most concerns about learners’ mental health. About 50% of concerns are raised around this issue, with about 30% of those having been aware of previous concerns about the leaner.

Advice and Guidance
Take a look at the Safeguarding webpage Safeguarding Website for NHS resource on handling stress and anxiety.

The Prevent Strategy
In Defence of Prevent.

One of the greatest threats to the way we live today is the threat of radicalisation to young and vulnerable people.The Government’s Prevent strategy has its critics, but here you can take take a look at what a top academic thinks about the current strategy in a recent article for FE weekly.

Advice and Guidance
An Interesting article of Newcastle City Councillor, and former Chair of ‘Safe Newcastle’ and Northumbria Police Authority, Stephen Lambert. He’s sharing his thought’s of the current Prevent strategy and where developments are needed.

FE News Article


Young people at " significant social media risk"
Schools ‘should help children with social media risk, from BBC Website’

A recent report said;

They find themselves chasing likes, chasing validation, being very anxious about their appearance online and offline and feeling that they can’t disconnect – because that will be seen as socially damaging.

Over 80% of young people said they had training in social media awareness, with just 20% rating it as good.

Cultural planner
If you are planning on incorporating faith events into your delivery this coming year, it is important that we are inclusive of all faiths. The link below incorporates the major faiths and events this year.

Cultural Planner for 2018

Keeping Children Safe in Education 2018
There is currently a consultation document looking at this important piece of legislation which will go live in September 2018.

Key points for us will be:

1. More than one emergency contact detail.
2. An emphasis on training Honour Based Violence (HBV).
3. More awareness for colleagues around sexual violence and harassment between learners.What we might currently call peer on peer abuse.
4. How to respond to allegations of sexual harassment and misconduct.
5. An emphasis on the legal responsibilities for educational establishments in dealing with sexual misconduct allegation.
6. Clear codes of conduct that differentiate between harassment and banter.