July Safeguarding Newsletter

Stephen Bloor Newsletter

In response to our current trends, this months newsletter you will find:

  • An article on anxiety,depression and suicidal thoughts and resources on how to help learners identify support around them.
  • An article on the current topic of up skirting and a link to how we should deal with sexual harassment and violence (particularly peer on peer)
  • A reminder and link to the safeguarding refresher course
  • This months figures and trends

Enjoy the summer !

Current Total People Safeguarding Trends – July

Current trends

Self harm, and learner lifestyle.
50% of reports are connected with learners lifestyle. That could be problems at home, drug addictions and self harm.
Follow this link to identify local resources via post code to support your learners.
Follow this link to identify local support


Learner behaviour
This month one of our top reports are linked to learner behaviour. We have a number of reports around substance abuse,self harm and discipline issues.
If your learners behaviour affects attendance,behaviour or performance – this could be a safeguarding matter.

Safegaurding refresher course – on line

Safeguarding Refresher 2018


Suicides in higher education

The Office of National Statistics figures show 95 recorded university student suicides for the 12 months to July 2017 in England and Wales.

This is lower than for the general population of similar ages, but does not include suicides among students at further education colleges.
Questions to discuss with your learners:
– What do your learners stress about?
– Friendships/ study/ money/ relationships?
– What can we do to help?
– Encourage your learners to think about the support that is around them.

Click this link for the circles of support activity.

Upskirting. What is it, and how would we deal with it?
The link is to a 5 minute you tube explanation of what it is, and how it can make people feel.

Here is a link to the governments guidance on how to prevent and respond to incidents of sexual harassment and violence. The action would be a clear breach of our discipline code.

Link to Government document on Sexual Violence

Looking after your mental health on line

Addicted to likes!
Do you get on line jealousy?
How do you protect yourself from on line offensive content?

July Safeguarding Stats

There were
Learner Concerns

Information or low level
There were
Unresolved Concern

Moderate Level
Were reported to the relevant authorities

High Level

Are you aware of how to report a concern?
This was covered in your induction but if unsure click here

Unresolved concern are concerns that still require monitoring from either Safeguarding or from the reporting person. Please ensure that you update Safeguarding of the outcomes to learner concerns so they can be closed.

Our concern levels are as follows:
Information – At present staff member is monitoring the situation
Low Level – Staff member presenting doesn’t require involvement from the Designated Person
Moderate Level – The concern may require input from the Designated Person
High Level – Staff member requires immediate action from the Designated Person