October 2017 Safeguarding Newsletter

Stephen Bloor Newsletter

Welcome to the October Newsletter

There has been a large increase in the number of concerns being reported in the last month.
This is great that staff are obviously thinking about safeguarding when they are inducting their new learners. We already have a number of strategies in place to help support some of our new learners.

Below is the new learner induction video which all learners should see during their induction period. But also if you have existing long term learner it wont harm to give them a refresh.

News story
Part of a police campaign pushing for young people to be taught what to do in the event of a terror attack.

Play your part in ensuring young people know what to do in the case of a terrorist attack. A BBC news article highlights some of the concerns and links to an advice video featuring some well known people.

Again, it doesn’t hurt to refresh our learners and safeguarding in a proactive process.

September Safeguarding Stats

There were
Learner Concerns

Information or low level
There are
Unresolved/open concerns

Moderate Level
Were reported to the relevant authorities

High Level

Are you aware of how to report a concern?
This was covered in your induction but if unsure click here

Unresolved concern are concerns that still require monitoring from either Safeguarding or from the reporting person. Please ensure that you update Safeguarding of the outcomes to learner concerns so they can be closed.

Our concern levels are as follows:

  • Information – At present staff member is monitoring the situation
  • Low Level – Staff member presenting doesn’t require involvement from the Designated Person
  • Moderate Level – The concern may require input from the Designated Person
  • High Level – Staff member requires immediate action from the Designated Person
  • Safeguarding Survey- October

    During the recent Ofsted inspection Inspectors noted that learners had a basic understanding of the dangers of radicalisation and extremism.

    They wanted us to raise that level of awareness to improve our safeguarding of learners.
    That is why we want to carry out an initial survey of learners to judge where we are now.
    All learners will be asked a short series of questions which should take no more than 5 minutes to complete.

    During your progress review in October, can you ask the learner to complete the survey which will be on the electronic form capture application.

    Our aim for this to give us a baseline of what the learners understand about safeguarding. Which will enable us to revisit and measure the impact of what we have all done.

    Advice and Guidance
    As the dark nights are coming in we asked Tony Monticelli for his top tips to safeguard yourself from his Personal Safety Session.

    P – Plan

    L – Look Confident

    A – Avoid Risk

    N – Never Assume

    Lone Working
    When dealing with lone worker situation you will need to consider the following points.

  • Have you made sure you can be contacted ?
  • Do you know the emergency procedures ?
  • Do you know the premises ?
  • Do you know the parking arrangements ?
  • Does anyone know where you are ?
  • Do you contact anyone when you leave ?
  • How much do you know about the individual your meeting ?
  • How long is your visit ?
  • If your plans change do you tell anyone ?
  • Do you know who to contact in an emergency ?
  • Are you medically fit ?
  • Do you know where the first aid kit is ? Can you administer it ?
  • Do you feel confident that you can change situation if needed?
    (location / time / conflict / persons attending?)
  • Driving
  • Do make sure you have petrol
  • Do you lock your door when driving in built up areas
  • Do park in well lit areas
  • Do tell someone where your going / What time / Who with
  • Don’t give personal information out
  • Don’t stop if someone flashes there lights at you. Wait until your in a well lit area e.g. Petrol Station
  • Do wear appropriate clothing?
  • Do use all information you have at your disposal?
  • Do report any incidents to Total People?
  • Resources

    REMPLOY scheme for all learners
    Expert support and guidance for those learners who are struggling to maintain their place on the course or place in work.
    Available on the Safeguarding page
    Take 10
    Advice about how to start a conversation with teens about their mental health.
    Available on the Safeguarding page
    Trans Inclusion
    A toolkit to ensure you are being inclusive for learners who are questioning their sexual identity.
    Available on the Safeguarding page