September 2017 Safeguarding Newsletter

Stephen Bloor Newsletter

August was a quiet month with summer holidays taken by staff and learners. We hope you had a great time and ready to start again refreshed.

New starts for many learners and staff are on the horizon for September. Can I encourage you to think ” Safeguarding” during the induction period for your new learners. If you have EHC plans or at that induction interview something sets your antennae twitching, please raise your concern, seek advice and start with the right support being offered.

“The best interventions are the earliest interventions”

September Safeguarding Stats

There were
Learner Concerns

Information or low level
There were
Unresolved Concern

Moderate Level
Were reported to the relevant authorities

High Level

Just a reminder of how to report a concern?
click here

Our service level agreement is that information and low level concerns will be monitored by training staff and after 28 days reviewed. All concerns are read by the coordinator and actioned if they feel it is appropriate.

If you chose a moderate assessment someone from the safeguarding team will get back to you within 4 hours, (that working day or the next if the report is late in the afternoon)
If you grade your concern high someone from the team will aim to contact you within an hour.

Our concern levels are as follows:
Information – At present staff member is monitoring the situation
Low Level – Staff member presenting doesn’t require involvement from the Designated Person
Moderate Level – The concern may require input from the Designated Person
High Level – Staff member requires immediate action from the Designated Person

You can update any concern you already have by emailing the safeguarding coordinator.

You can discuss any concern you have by contacting any of the team during office hours.

Steve Bloor – Co-ordinator 07971 659814
Gavin Smith D.S.L.- 07971 659821
Gaynor Holland D.S.L – 07767 693487

Current Total People Safeguarding Trends

September has been an unusual month with concerns being raised about learners who a re homeless, learners who have domestic issues and issues with their lifestyle choices. (Addictions etc)

Learning points
Some concerns raised are about learners attendance and what to do if they are missing from the workplace or training sessions. As a reminder you can check the learner attendance policy here:

Learner Attendance Procedure

There is a new podcast that I would recommend you show all learners as part of their induction.You can see it here:

It forms part of the learner induction and requirements that they understand their responsibilities around safeguarding, British values and the PREVENT strategy in relation to Total People.

Modern Slavery and Human trafficking.
In the news recently are government initiatives to reduce human trafficking and make people aware of the signs of modern day slavery.

BBC News Article on Modern Day Slavery

Here is a link to a BBC article which itemises what you should do if you suspect any of the above.

Total People will develop a policy in relation to our response which will include a front facing statement on our website explaining our moral duties and position.


PREVENT awareness
Thanks to Suzi Monticelli who shared this useful resource for learners and staff about signs of radicalisation:

New Learner Resources
Side by Side
On line modules for learners covering key aspects of safeguarding are available from:

Education Training Foundation Resources

FE on line have introduced 4 modules called side by side,
Each one takes roughly 1 hour to complete and cover;
• Extremism and radicalisation
• Online safety
• What can you trust?
• British values

These can be a really useful tool in addition to what you have already embedded in you curriculum, and can help us to address Ofsteds suggestion that we improve learner awareness of living in a modern society and the threats of radicalisation and extremism.

In addition, the safeguarding team has a very powerful Education pack called “Every action has consequences”

It contains a CD with teaching notes, activity sheets ready to print and use, together with a DVD containing video clips.

There are plenty of opportunities for young people to discuss issues around drink, violence, gangs and consequences of their actions in short or longer sessions.

Please feel free to use it. Available at Group House.